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General terms and conditions of Liebe Menschen Wiederfinden :

1.Ambit of Contract Application
2.The Start of a Contract
3. Term of the Contract's Validity, Contract-Annulment Conditions
4. Important Aspects of Person Search
5. Prices
6. Contract Fulfilment
7. Right of Contract-Annulment
8. Responsibility
9. Gift Coupons


The client charges the agency Liebe-Menschen-Wiederfinden with searchwork after an acquainted person or  performing whatever other function in some way related to personal data retrieval. The agency is obliged, whenever possible, to fulfil the contract conditions ^

1. Ambit of contract application

Is stipulated by the regulations of the BGB. Individual cases are to be regulated  via court of justice. ^

2. The start of a contract

The contract is regarded as coming into existence immediately on submittance of the request by the client and its acceptance by the agency. As confirmation of the contract's validity, the client is notified by the agency with a written letter of validation as well as a remittance claim for a primary payment. ^

3. Period of the contract's validity, contract-annulment conditions

a) Liebe-Menschen-Wiederfinden retains the formal right to the validity of the contract over a period of 1 year. Should the person in question be localized within this period (including cases of the wanted person's own initiative to establish a contact), then the fee on successful completion of the task is to be paid by the client in favour of the agency. 

b) The 12-month terms starts immediately on the entrance of the required remittance.

c) in case on completion of the 12-month period the wanted person's current address  is not found, the contract is regarded as terminated, and on that account the success remittance is not to be paid by the client.

d) The contract can be prolonged to another 12-month term, if wished by the client and agreed to on the side of Liebe-Menschen-Wiederfinden. An additional primary payment is in not charged in this case. The act of contract prolongation must be fixed in written form. Should the wanted person be found by Liebe-Menschen-Wiederfinden during the prolongation period, the success remittance is to be paid to the agency.

e) The client retains the right of bringing the contract to annulment any time. If the cancellation-appeal is sent within the 12-month term since the start of the contract, the success remittance is demanded by the agency. ^

4. Important aspects of person search

If we succeed in localizing the person in question, then we contact him/her and inform him/her of the fact of his/her being looked for and the identity of the search initiator. After that we try to obtain his/her consent to the contact establishment. 

As alternative, we can redirect the client's personal letter to the wanted person.

a) With the consent of the person in question the contact address and/or telephone number is sent to the client.

b) In case the consent is not obtained (as refusal is to be interpreted a situation, when the person rejects the contact in a personal conversation or via telephone or when the person does not respond to the posted letter of notification within a period of 4 weeks or rejects the letter), we are unfortunately obliged NOT to direct his/her current address to the client. If wished by the client, a personal letter may be redirected by Liebe-Menschen-Wiederfinden to the found person, so that the latter could later contact the search initiator himself/herself.

c) In case the wanted person is no more alive, the data concerning the deathplace and deathdate, etc. are passed to the client. If a remaining relative of the person in question is found, then with his/her consent the contact information will be equally directed to the client. ^

5.   Prices.

The following prices are fixed, i.e. all possible expenses connected with the searchwork are included. Within a period of 14 days the remittance of primary payment is to be sent to the agency by the client. ^

6. Performance of the contract

The contract fulfilment  follows in two stages:.

a) Immediately on the mutual agreement about the contract's start the primary payment is to be remitted by the client to the agency.

b) If the wanted person is localized, then the agency has a right for a remittance on successful task-completion. Immediately on acception of the payment the client receives from the agency all the found information concerning his/her request. ^

7. The right of contract-annulment.

Details see in  Terms of Contract-Annulment. ^

8. Responsibility

Liebe-Menschen-Wiederfinden is not responsible for facts of possible erroneous or incompleted data being provided by the client (no matter if on purpose or as a result of gross carelessness). In this case the compensation for damages is only limited to immediate damages. ^

9. Gift coupons

a) Gift coupons are transferable, i.e. non-personalized.

b) The value specified in the gift coupon is equalled to the price for definite services mentioned in the coupon. 

c) Once emitted, gift coupons cannot be transferred into currency back.

d) Gift coupons are regarded as valid during the 12-month term as counted from the moment of their issue. ^

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