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Contract Conditions for One-Person-Search

1. Legal start of the contract.
2. Parameters of the contract's fulfillment.
3. Duration of the contract / Contract annulment / Expiry of the contract
4. General terms for price determination.
5. The client's responsibility of cooperation.
6. Data security.

1. Start of the contract

a) The client fills in the contract questionnaire and submits it to Liebe-Menschen-Wiederfinden.

b) Should Liebe-Menschen-Wiederfinden consider the initially provided information sufficient for a potentially successful outcome, then it confirms the contract as coming into existence by sending the client the contract's number as well as the number of the bank account where the primary payment is to be directed by the client.

c) As soon as the primary payment is confirmed as having entered the agency's bank account, the searchwork is to officially begin.

d) By starting the contract the client accepts automatically  the general terms and conditions of our searchwork. ^

2. Parameters of the contract's fulfillment.

a) Liebe-Menschen-Wiederfinden does its utmost to localize the person-to-be-found..

b) Liebe-Menschen-Wiederfinden contacts the person in question and notifies him/her of the fact of his/her being looked for as well as the name of the person he/she is being looked for by (i.e. the client). Further on, the person in question's agreement is asked for, in order to proceed with the establishment of the contact between the two parties.

c) If the person in question is localized, the sum of payment on success is to be remitted by the client to the agency's bank account.

d) As soon as the final payment has entered the bank account, Liebe-Menschen-Wiederfinden directs the retrieved data concerning the case to the client:

 - In case of the found person's agreement to proceed with the contact arrangement his/her address and/or telephone number are passed to the client.

 - Should the agreement not be granted (as refusal are to be regarded such cases, when the wanted person rejects the contact arrangement in a personal or telephone talk or sends a letter of rejection in response to a written request sent by the agency, or does not answer to it within 4 weeks), we have unfortunately legally no right to pass the address to the client. If wished by the client, his/her letter can be sent to the person-in-question via Liebe-Menschen-Wiederfinden. This way the wanted person can later himself/herself initiate the arrangement of a contact with the client via the agency.

 - Should the wanted person be no more alive, all data relevant to the case, as to date and place of death, etc. will be passed to the client. If some family member of the person-in-question is localized, the contact data will be equally sent to the client if agreed to by the relative of the deceased.  ^

3. Duration of the contract / Contract annulment / Expiry of the contract

a) Liebe-Menschen-Wiederfinden retains the right of staying engaged in the searchwork for each case over a period of 12 months. Should the person-in-question be localized and contacted with within this term (including the possibility of the person's own initiative to undertake the contact), the agency has a right for a remittance on success. 

b) The above-mentioned contract term of 1 year  begins officially from the date of the primary payment's entrance to the agency's bank account.

c) The client can always bring the contract to annulment. If it happens within the period of 12 months from the start of the contract, the payment on success is to be claimed in favour of the agency. 

d) If after the period of 12 months the person-to-be-found  has not been localized, the contract is considered ended. In this case no remittance on success can be claimed by the agency.

e) The contract can be prolonged to another 12-month period, if wished by the client and agreed to on the side of Liebe-Menschen-Wiederfinden. In this case no further primary payment is charged.The contract prolongation is to be fixed in written form. Should Liebe-Menschen-Wiederfinden find the wanted person within this prolongation term, then the payment on success is claimed by the agency.

f) Should the initially "domestic" searchwork lead to countries other than Germany, the client will be immediately notified by Liebe-Menschen-Wiederfinden, so that the former retains the right of final decision as to whether apply for the continuation of the searchwork and remit an fee for the new country (in this case the formal period of 12 months is transferred to the starting point again though the search work is actually continued) or end the contract (in this case the agency retains the right of claiming a half of payment on success. ^

4. General terms for price determination.

a) On bringing the contract to legal existence the client remits a primary payment.

b) Should the initially planned searchwork in Germany proceed abroad, an additional paymant is then required for the continuation of the data retrieval process.

c) If the person in question fails to be localized, no further costs whatsoever can be demanded to be paid by the client, regardless of what expenses Liebe-Menschen-Wiederfinden has gone into in the process of searchwork.

d) In case of a successful result the remittance on success is to be paid by the client in favour of the agency.

e) Should the person-to-be-found be proved as definitely non-existent - according to the initially provided data about his/her identity - Liebe-Menschen-Wiederfinden retains the right to claim the sum of remittance on success (we strongly emphasize that you should avoid providing us with erroneous information - whether on purpose or by mistake).

f) Apart from the primary payment and remittance on success the client overtakes no further expenses. Such occasional costs as VAT, postage costs, telephone bills or authority fees are already included in to the above-mentioned sums.^

5. The client's responsibility of cooperation.

a) The client provides Liebe-Menschen-Wiederfinden with all known facts and bits of information relevant to the case.

b) The completeness and veritability of the information entered into the contract questionnaire is legally confirmed b< the client via remittance of the primary payment.

c) The client empowers Liebe-Menschen-wiederfinden by writing a letter of authorisation (if necessary and requested by Liebe-Menschen-Wiederfinden), so that the agency couldo act on his/her behalf in interaction with authorities in the process of data retrieval. ^

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