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Process of people search in Germany

Step 1

You make up a contract by filling in our questionnaire.

Step 2

If the preliminary information you have at your disposal leaves us high chances for a potentially sucessful search, then Liebe-Menschen-Wiederfinden sends you an invoice for a primary payment.

Step 3

Immediately on the entrance of the primary remittance to the agency's bank account the searchwork is to formally start.

Step 4

The client will be informed of the start of the searchwork in written form (commonly via e-mail).

Step 5

Liebe-Menschen-Wiederfinden carries out searchwork to localize the person in question.

Step 6

Should the person-to-be-found's current address be retrieved, Liebe-Menschen-Wiederfinden contacts him or her and informs him/her of the fact of his/her being looked for, the identity of the client, i.e. the person who is looking for him/her. In case the client insists on sparing this procedure, it will not be performed, but only in accordance with the current data security regulations. 

Step 7

An invoice for a payment on successful outcome is directed on the client.

Step 8

The retrieved data (the current address and/or telephone number of the person in question, if agreed to by the latter) will be forwarded to the client immediately on the entrance of the final payment onto the agency's bank account. 

Step 9

All the rest is in your hands - we wish you a happy reunion.

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