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People Search Fees

How much does it cost to find a person in Germany?

Primary payment* 39.- Euro (US$ 69.-) + payment on success 139.- Euro (US$ 199.-)

The above mentioned fees are including 19% VAT and cover all additional costs like telephone, postage and so on. No additional expenses will be required from you.

We only accept a request when the chances to localize the person you are looking for are really high, since we are anxious to perform our services with a maximum of convenience for you and spare you the unnecessary disappointment in advance.

*  When the last known information is more than 10 years old we charge an additional 10.- Euro (US$ 15,-), if the data is more than.20 years old we charge an additional 20.- Euro (US$ 30.-), if the data is more than 40 years old we charge an additional 50.- Euro (US$ 75.-) because of the enhanced rate of difficulty in retrieving the necessary information.

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