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How the Idea of Person Search Occurred To Us

You must be already wondering, upon what ground we should make you such offers as person search, address proof or ancestry tracing. Who are we, the ones, in whose hands you entrust some sacred pages of your past ? Why should it be exactly our agency, that is just what you need to solve your problem, and why should we be ready to take such a responsibility and get engaged into retrieval work ?

At this point I'd like to confide you, why and how I came to the idea of founding Liebe Menschen Wiederifinden and decided to offer professional assistance in the field of person search..

In 2001 I came across a book entitled "Family chronicles" in some book-store, a volume of articles on how genealogy - the ancestry-tracing schience - functions. Ispired by the information I got out of it, I set off enthusiastically to find out my family roots. At first, I made inquiries in the circle of my closest kith and kin, after which I proceeded to contact my "unknown relatives", the ones who I 'd never met in my life. "You don't know me yet, but your greatgrandfather and my greatgrandmother were siblings and they came together from... in 1911." Mostly it wasn't hard at all to establish a communication and find out our common roots. 

Later I even visited some of my newly-found family members personally, though at times I had to travel abroad to meet them. As I had started with the investigation, I could hardly imagine then, in how many aspects I'd benefit from it, by finding people of the same descent as I am and restoring the long-forgotten traces. Quite astonishing was also the sense of unity, which equally developed between me and my "new" relatives. 

But how could I restore reminiscences from those bygone times, whose actual witnesses were no more alive and thus couldn't help me fill in the spaces in the patchwork of my family history ? Then I continued my search in archives, registration offices, gathering tiny bits of information from chronicles and archive films - which was quite an intricate and time-consuming, but highly exciting and beneficial task.

Through the tracing of my own ancestry I learned quite a lot about how even on hand of outdated and incomplete information one can find lost people again and what a range of amazing opportunuties there exists for personal data retrieval. Apart from that I managed to collect useful experience about how personal contact is to be established with total strangers, what a necessity intuition represents for this activity, as well as what sort of emotions this work fills you with.

Both the experience and the joy from my previous investigation inspired me further to enter the sphere of person search on a professional scale. My knowledge and the earlier collected information help me now daily to succeed in my work. 

Since then I've been doing my best to fulfil numerous requests by finding for other people the dearest ones, who they'd lost out of sight, and I always rejoice when the work for my clients is gratified with as much success and elation as my own root-tracing was for me before.

Who knows, perhaps, we can soon enough make the faded traces of tenderness reappear in your life again by bringing a person from your past into your present.

Petra Ballon-Guertler

· (c) 2005 ·