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Welcome to People Search Germany

Our person search agency performs retrieval work promptly, professionally and with a flair. We find people in Germany, Europe and other countries

Someone you spent your time together with, an old friend, a relative, or a first love... Some time ago these people vanished out of your sight, but definitely NOT OUT OF MIND!

Our person search agency will provide you with a second chance to make these people an essential part of your life again.

You are surely anxious to know, what's been happening all these years to your best friend or good acquaintance? After all, you had spent quite a period of time; shoulder to shoulder with them. What's been happening to them during all this time? What career did they undertake? Have they ever got married and brought up children of their own?

Undoubtedly, you have already dozens of times tried to indulge into this sort of guesswork and wonder about their past, present and future. Or another situation - maybe you have simply all at once lost their trace, so that now you have no idea, how on earth you could obtain their new address and renew your habitual information-exchange?

Our mission is to bring the dear people from your past back into your life again and mediate at the arrangement of the first contact between you and them.

So go ahead and make the first step in the right direction! Don't hesitate - our scope extends not only over those with whom you've only briefly lost connection, but also - essentially - handles with due care and attention cases of people, from who you haven't heard for decades already. We are engaged in One-Person-Searchwork and Ancestry-Tracing, as well as help reunite whole groups and communities, thus setting, e.g., a starting point for regular school- and class-reunions..

As you can see, our competence spreads over all aspects of person-data retrieval, partially catering thereby for functions of person-search-machines, which unfortunately still remain just a hypotetically possible utopic dream. If no entry in the list of our services seems to correspond to the pecularities of your individual request, you can any time make use of our "Special Search" option and explain the matter to us.

We in our turn promise to do our best to solve your problem in terms of an individual application.

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